Advanced Speech Therapy
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    Speech Confidence is Our Mission!

    Advanced Speech Therapy is committed to helping patients build brighter futures through confidence and improved function. Our caring therapist provides pediatric and adult speech therapy to help clients overcome speech-language, cognitive, and feeding/swallowing disorders, as well as orofacial myofunctional disorders (tongue thrust, oral habits, TMJ issues, tongue/lip ties).

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    In our approach, we acknowledge that everyone has their own individual story and come from different walks of life. For this reason, we take down in-depth background information to learn about what you have already been through in the past. Whether you've been consulted by a doctor or just heard something from a mom's group, we want to hear your concerns and instincts about your health or the health of your child. We take that information and pair it with our professional examination to get at the root of your concerns. Once we identify what is causing your struggles, we plan an individual path to help you reach YOUR best potential for the future.

  • Pediatric Therapy

    • Speech sound disorders: articulation and phonological processes
    • Expressive and receptive language disorders/language delay
    • Apraxia/ Dysarthria
    • Feeding/swallowing, sensory-based feeding issues, limited diet (“picky eaters”)
  • Adult Therapy

    • Aphasia (expressive/receptive language)
    • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty)
    • Vital/Stim (NMES) for facial and swallowing muscles retraining
    • Dysarthria/ Apraxia (speech articulation)
    • Cognitive Communication Disorder  (memory, executive functions, attention)
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
    • Tongue thrust
    • Oral habits (thumb/finger sucking, mouthing non-food items, prolonged pacifier/bottle use)
    • Mouth breathing/open mouth posture
    • Tongue/lip ties
    • TMD (jaw clicking, jaw pain)
  • SOS program was developed by Dr. Kay Toomey, in order to address problematic feeding behaviors. The SOS Approach is based on a transdisciplinary team approach which assess the “whole child” including muscles; sensory processing; oral-motor skills; learning, behavior and cognition; nutrition, and the environment. This program focuses on increasing a child’s comfort level by exploring and learning about the different properties of food. The program allows a child to interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way through a hierarchy of required steps in order to promote confidence as well as development of tolerance and acceptance of various foods. Our therapists fully trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding program.

    Dysfunctional breathing generally includes any of the following traits:
    • Over breathing/hyperventilation
    • Unexplained breathlessness
    • Irregular breathing
    • Mouth breathing
    • Upper chest movement
    • Hearing breathing during rest
    • Regular sniffing/sighing
    • Snoring
    • Lots of visible movement

    Named after Dr Konstantin Buteyko, the Buteyko Method consists of a series of breathing exercises and guidelines specifically designed to reduce over-breathing (clinically known as ‘chronic hyperventilation’). This can lead to numerous health problems. Bringing breathing volume towards normal and making the switch from mouth to nose breathing helps to alleviate such health problems. (Mckeown, patrick, 2015)

    Our therapists are trained in the Buteyko breathing method from the internationally acclaimed, Moscow accredited Buteyko practitioner, author of many bestselling books on breathing patterns disorders, Patric McKeown.

    What causes dysfunctional breathing?
    • Processed foods / overeating
    • Lack of exercise
    • Excessive talking
    • Stress
    • Belief good to take big breaths
    • High temperatures of houses
    • Asthma
    • Genetic predisposition/familial habits

    (Mckeown, patrick, 2015)